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Supporters of Akopy are replicas of him; CORRUPT

OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barima
2021-06-10 14:09:35

I find it so strange that most minds that support NPP also support every wrong thing perpetuated by NPP government.

I have been on this forum and read NDC and CPP supporters criticize their leadership. I was once one of the biggest supporters of JJR and I pointed out where he went wrong.

Azar and HKP have proven their sanity as humans by criticizing The corrupt Akopy.

Why is that most NPP supporters see nothing wrong with the corrupt, incompetent, destructive and abusive nature of Akopy’s governance?

It confirms how hypocritical and corrupt nature of such supporters.

You know yourselves!!!

[This is an authentic posting from OsaagyefoBa Kasa Bar (Registered User)]
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OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barima
06-10 14:29