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Water Situation in Accra NOT ACCEPTABLE

Anonymous of Accra/Baltimore
2021-06-10 07:50:11

When in Accra I normally live a few minutes walk from the presidents private residence. Historically that area doesn’t experience water problems however it’s been rampaging for weeks now. It’s worse than dumsor, it’s on one day and off for three.

The conspiracy theory is that we’re lucky to even get one two/three days a week and that it’s only because they’re turned on just to fill the reservoir at the presidents house. I mean HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE in a capital city like Accra in the 21st century?

The somewhat good news is that the lights have been pretty much on throughout although we’re supposed to be on a dumsor timetable. I just have to be honest with you, yes it’s true Ghana has always been hard when you ask them however this time around it appears to me they are not just complaining with resignation, the sankwas complain with deep anger.

Although you’re all aware I am independently wealthy, I’ve been using Uber and trotro extensively and the mood is not good. Dumsor and water shortages is giving them flashbacks to 2012-2016 and they say free SHS is not enough and their lives have seen very marginal improvement.

Give me water and electricity and I’ll have no more expectations of this government. I am not interested in installing solar in my residence nor am I interested in digging a borehole. Being a natural born American, I firmly believe water and electricity are the government’s responsibility. Supply and I will pay.

By the way my water bill in Baltimore for THREE months is less than my water bill in Ghana for a month. If you’re able to figure out why that is so I’ll award you the Turing Prize in mathematics and nominate you in November for the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics.


This year I’ll be doing my annual health checkups in Ghana and believe it will be an opportunity to assess the Ghanaian health system. I’ll do everything in the public healthcare system since I can’t afford private healthcare. The sankwas are suffering brutal! This is an unbiased report, consistent with my non-aligned philosophy.

Accra is the greatest city in Africa which says a lot about the Dark Continent.

Glass Nkoaaa!

Hw3 fomm!!

Afuom hc!!!

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