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2021-06-10 15:52:23

"Fucck you, imbecile ! don't pretend YOU know anything about that. "Remember, you have sgtill got thios to answer,asshole !

Subject: Do Budgets Really Matter in Ghana?
Author: Kofi Ameko (registered user)
Date: 07-25-2011 07:50

In the computation of flows around aircrafts, there is something we call predictor-Corrector Method. As I speak now, we are still dealing with some improvements on Apache helicopters; MPD problems because of unforseen design problems.

Yes, budgets can be corrected. We can have supplementary budgets. Economic conditions do change. However, forecasting tools must always be employed when Budgets are being drawn. Budgets must be forward looking. It is the nature or size of the Supplementary Budget that is disturbing. Many things were not captured. We are now buying some planes? Did we even consider them in the supplementary budget? What is going on? We'll need another supplementary budget?

Let us think about fiscal discipline. Loans have to pe paid. School fees are damn too high.

Do Budgets really matter in Ghana?

We must stop defending the indefensible with irrational rationalizations.

Reshuffle now!

:KAB and Yaw Konadu, when are you going to register for one of my Special topics courses? You'll learn something la!Leave the homosexuals alone. What some do in the privacy of their homes is none of our biz.

Subject: RE: Do Budgets Really Matter in Ghana?
Author: Akwasi Amoo Atta (
Date: 07-25-2011 09:11

Absolute hogwash ! Complete crap!! So what is the point you are making? There is no head or tail to this tripe.. Why don't you just shut up if you have nothing useful to say? There are very few people you can deceive into believing that there is anything substantial to this mere jumble of words . You are making a laughing stock of yourself.

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