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Re: The Arabs and AFRICA

2021-06-10 00:36:13

Tell black Africa to stop their hypocrisy. Even in Morocco, the black Berber population are the majority. The Arab is still king, why? The Arabs fled from Persia when their empire collapsed and were basically squatters in these lands. There are clear records when they tried to claim some authority and were quashed by the clearly African Pharaoh of Nubian extraction. The Arabs who state categorically that they are Caucasian destroyed all the noses of the Pharaoh monuments to hide the flat noses. They have looted African graves, displayed African royal corpses and claimed ownership of kingships they have no links to. Definitely, black Africa likes this situation. Which European royalty or even Middle Eastern royalty will allow their graves to be desecrated and the corpses of their kings mounted on display? Africans!
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Re: The Arabs and AFRICA
06-10 00:36