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The Arabs and AFRICA

La-Nyo Bikome
2021-06-09 21:59:17

The Arabs since the 7th Century have taken a large swathes of African real estate.

A descendant of the paedophile Mohammed, the warlord and founder of Islam is chilling somewhere in Morocco as a monarch.

Soon after the nomadic Arabs converted the Bantus north of the Sahara by force into Islam one hypnotized votary to the dirty and violent religion shipped TONS of gold to MECCA, the home of the K’aba. The name of that sycophant was MENSAH MUSAH.

When the Bantus south of the Sahara created such powerful and well organized empires in the Savanna Belt Moslem Arabs attacked these empires into oblivion. Ancient Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empires all ended through the attacks of these marauding un-neighborly neighbors.

In the meantime on the East Africa littoral Arabs and Persians were raiding for slaves as far inland as possible.

True to his nature the Bantus perceives the CAUCASIAN as his only oppressor. The BANTU is willing to swallow any excrement from the Arab anywhere on this globe.

Ignorant is a curse indeed

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