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STATE CAPTURE:Potential 4 Violent Revolution: NS

2021-06-09 20:42:36

Economic mismanagement, injustice and state capture by political elite threat to security – National Security

Source: Elton John Brobbey  

  8 June 2021


This is the reason they are so scared of the #FixTheCountry movement.

They are afraid that disgruntled citizens will exploit the PROTESTS to cause mayhem and rightly so.

Here is a regime that has captured all the juicy contracts and deals...and owning all the prime properties and lands.

Not forgetting the massive transfer of wealth and buying of properties overseas.

The latests being the Presidential charted plane, the Sir John FUNERAL debacle and the scandalous Russian Sputnik vaccines and the unaccountability of billions of COVID-19 FUNDS.

Not forgetting the GALAMSEY industry where there is high level involvement of STATE ACTORS.

Ghana sitting on a tinder box.


The National Security has identified mismanagement of the Ghanaians economy, injustice and state capture by a group it describes as the political elite as a major threat to the security of the country.

Captured in the national security strategy developed to govern operations of the secretariat, the document warns the issues, if not tackled, could lead to extremist behaviour which could further degenerate into violent extremism.
Reporting under domestic, regional and global threats, risk and challenges confronting the country, the document points to a number of security threats and risks that confront the country particularly in the area of human security, as a result of some perceived or actual deficit in one or the other of these tenets of good constitutional democratic governance.

For them, mismanagement, injustice, state capture by a group of political elite, weak and ineffective institutions all tend to affect the quality of governance negatively and could spiral into various forms of indiscretion that could be indicators of bad governance.

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OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barima
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