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Lucky Luciano
2019-12-03 13:35:36

There is a joke that if you wish to hide something from the Negro, put it in a book. You may laugh over it as a joke, but to be honest, it does actually speak truth, because the Negro is adverse to seeking knowledge, which without doubt has best been preserved in books.

Has it ever occurred to some like Otu to ask themselves why Obroni will spend day, weeks, months and years digging up the ground in search of history, which is called "Archaeology".

Have people like Otu ever bothered to ask themselves why Obroni will build museums to preserve ancient artifacts which archaeology unearth's.

When I produce a post on the subject of the Ark of the Covenant, this is all Otu could write as a contribution:

"What a load of crap. I am disappointed a fine educated African will believe in such fairly tales."

I have something to tell Otu. The people mentioned in the Bible like King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia, and the events in which they feature concerning their wars in which the ancient Israelites also feature, is not fantasy. These are real historical events that one will find in history books outside of the Bible.

My post on the Ark of the Covenant is never intended to make a case that such an object really existed. But one must wonder, why will Obroni go to such great lengths to try and establish the truth or otherwise of this claim of an Ark of the Covenant.

My answer is that it is that deep seated urge the somehow seem to posses to seek knowledge. More importantly, it is this urge of theirs to seek and find, which has brought us modern things like the computer and internet.

What have you the Negro like Otu brought apart from your empty boast that:

"Let's forgo this slave mentality and focus on how to make Africa great. So that! So that 5000 years from now, earthlings will be talking about Otu and how he made Africa(ns) the greatest race in the universe."

Well, Otu friend, if you do not do away with the habit of condemning others who have an interest in discussing history, yours is a useless and Quixotic effort to make the African great.

Is it slave mentality to discuss science that Obroni brought to Africa? Why should it be slave mentality to discuss history books which this same race brought?
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Osagyefoba Kasa Barima
12-03 21:34