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Tribalism, Insanity and Wickedness In Nigeria

Auntie Sipa Eshun
2019-11-09 01:50:20

What a country. Some frustrated Nigerians now call it a fake country, This is a country where the political drama curtain never closes.

After watching today's news, I came out crying and then starting laughing hysterically after another news item. This place is one big insane asylum.

The president Oga Buahari has sacked 35 assistant staff of the vice president Yemi Osinbajo. There's a lot of tension between the him and the president. According to those in the know the Fulani cabal surrounding the president instigated that humiliation. They claim the staff reduction is in line with anticipated money saving measures. Oga Buahari is in London right now on a PRIVATE visit and all bills are sent to him in London to sign.

Yorubas are insulting Osinbajo for kowtowing to a non Nigerian fake president Buahari. Some claim he's from Sudan and his real name is Jubril Al Sudani (I laughed so hard on that one) Olurun gba mi lowo awon eniyan wonyi! Aaah, my people.

The Ketu fruit market in Lagos has been ransacked by police and military personnel who fired shot and demolished the market without any prior notice. The market has been in existence for 40yrs and the land has been sold for some estate development. Without securing another area for the fruit traders, the police came in and ransacked the entire marked. You should see the traders weeping, mostly elderly women with no option. I'm still crying while typing. These Lagos government people are pure animals. Ki Olurun fi iya je gbobgo won.

All the political parties contesting the Kogi State governorship have signed a peace agreement not to kill each other. According to the newscaster, if there's an incident free election in Kogi state, it'll be a record because in every election in that state, people are senselessly killed.

The DSS is defying court order and refuses to release Sowore. Their spokesperson said nobody has come to take custody of Sowore. This is a lie because his attorneys have been at DSS for his release daily since bail was granted. Nigeria is a strange strange place.

Closed borders will reopen again on Janaury 31, 2020.
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