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SEC Revocation of Licences of 52 Securities & Fund

Kofi Ameko
2019-11-09 00:17:11

Are these Public entities? They are Private, right? Yet some come here to tell us that Ghanaian Private entities are the vehicle for our development.

Give us ECG and GCB anytime, and we'll be there to badger for them, despite some inherent deficiencies that we can easily correct.

And some thought ECG should go to some Adzogli, Kokomemie corrupt Ghanaian entities under the name PDS?

Voila! come tell us that the failure of these PRIVATE, repeat, PRIVATE, stealing entities was due to Improper Supervision? Yeah, yeah, Improper Supervision Indeed! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The managers are corrupt to the core.

Surprisingly, it is the owners and their appendages that serve on BOARDS of Public entities. Some even get appointed to run them.Why wouldn't they fail?.

In principle, we are not against Private entities. We are appalled and disappointed in these types of private ventures. JAIL and JAIL the owners. Seize even their Tokotas.

Govt. must extend hands to Kumasi Shoe Factory. Revive Aboso Glass factory.

Overwhelming majority of the GIMPA. "UPS"and the Kumasi -Legon business folks have failed us.

Long Live Presec.

Long Live STEM!


" SEC and its authorized agents will secure the premises of the affected companies for further investigations under section 26 of the Act.

In addition, the SEC has notified the Registrar of Companies of the revocation of these licenses and has requested that the Registrar petitions the High Court to commence winding-up proceedings against these companies under the Bodies Corporate (Official Liquidations) Act, 1963 (Act 180),” the statement added.

Below is the list of the affected companies

All-Time Capital Partners Limited

Alpha Cap Securities Limited

Axe Capital Advisors Limited

Apex Capital Partners Revoked

Beige Capital Limited Revoked

Brooks Asset Management Limited

Cambridge Capital Advisors Limited

Canal Capital Limited Revoked

Corporate Hills Investment Ltd.

Dowjays Investment Limited

EM Capital Limited Revoked

Energy Investments Limited

Fromfrom Capital Limited

Frontline Capital Advisors Limited

FirstBanc Financial Services Limited

Galaxy Capital Limited

Gold Coast Fund Management Limited

Gold Rock Capital Management Limited

Goldstreet Fund Management Limited

Global Investments Bankers Limited

Heritage Securities Limited

Ideal Capital Partners Limited

Integrity Fund Management Limited

Intermarket Asset Management Ltd

Kripa Capital Ltd.

Kron Capital Limited

Legacy Financial Services

Liberty Asset Management Limited

Kamag Kapital Limited

Mak Asset Management Limited

Man Capital Partners Limited

Mec-Ellis Investment(Ghana) Limited

McOttley Capital Limited

Monarch Capital Limited

Mutual Integrity Assets Management Limited

Nesst Capital Limited

Nickel Keynesbury Limited

Nordea Capital Limited

Omega Capital Limited

Procap Finance Company Limited

QFS Securities Limited

SGL Royal Kapita Limited

Sirius Capital Limited

Strategic Hedge Capital Limited

Standard Securities Limited

Supreme Trust Capital Limited

Tikowrie Capital Ltd.

Unisecurities Limited

Universal Capital Management

Ultimate Trust Fund Management Ltd.

Utrak Capital Management Limited

Wealth Vision Financial Services Limited

Weston Capital Limited

Voluntary Cessation

HFC Capital Partners Limited

Attai Capital Limited

Serengeti Capital Limited

Indigo Investment Management Limited

Verit Investment Advisory Limited


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