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Actually Working, Or Pretending to Be Working?

Lucky Luciano
2019-09-12 15:40:54

In 2001, the then President Kufuor famously said, “the workers pretend to work and we pretend to pay them.”

We are reminded of this quote by JAK, when we hear claims today about the fight being waged against corruption in Ghana and yet we are confronted with independent international corruption perception indices, which seem to indicate that corruption in Ghana has either remained at previous year's levels or have gotten worse.

When we hear the quote below from our President, you cannot help wondering whether these so-called "independent bodies" are actually working, or pretend to be working.

"So far, every single alleged act of corruption leveled against any of my appointees is being or has been investigated by independent bodies, such as CHRAJ, the CID, and, in some cases, by Parliament itself."

You cannot help but wonder whether there is any real commitment to tackle the cancer of corruption or whether it is all a pretense to throw dust in the eyes of the electorate.

Some on this forum are busy trying to outdo each other as to whether a particular Ghanaian president, current or past, is more corrupt than the other. So they are busy arguing amongst themselves, which of the two is more corrupt, JDM or Nana Addo.

What these guys seem to fail to recognize is that national corruption indices are not about individuals, but rather about a whole nation. Of what relevance will it be to argue that Nana addo for example is less corrupt than JDM, if independent international corruption indices are found to indicate that corruption in Ghana today is worse than it was four years ago?

Yes, JAK recognized this mental problem of Ghanaians - PRETENDING or to put it in another way - SELF-DECEPTION.

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