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An Eyewitness Report From Ghana

Nana Osei Akoto
2019-09-12 15:17:11

Amanfuor, Ghana is practically a madhouse. The level of lawlessness, indiscipline and corruption in Ghana is overwhelming. The magnitude of filth in the country is devastating and the noise level is deafening. The airwaves too are polluted with junk, nothing but JUNK.

Members of the political class don't give a shitt-hole about how dysfunctional things are in the country; they are busy making deals for themselves and living large. As for the traditional leaders the only thing that quickens them is being showered with meaningless accolades, "Nana dis" and "Nana dat". Oh, and the crooked Pastors/Bishops and whatnot are having a field day fleecing the gullible congregants of their nkakrawa in the name of tithing and collection, while shouting ... "Praise the Lord".

When other nations are using science and technology to solve their collective problems, the folks in Ghana are affixed on praying and pouring libation for extraterrestrial intervention.

Apart from organizing flamboyant funerals and durbars, I did not find anything we perform exceedinly well in the country worthy of highlighting.

I am really disappointed in our leaders and the direction our beloved nation is heading. For certain, if the nation of Ghana is a person, her nyass would have been frequented by the tip of bentoa (enema) to cure her of Kwashiorkor.

Ps. I hope my boy, Nokofio TT, behaved himself while I was away.
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Kwaku Romeo, Esquire
09-12 15:36
Kwaku Romeo, Esquire
09-12 15:53
Kwaku Romeo, Esquire
09-12 16:37
Nana Osei Akoto
09-12 15:42
Nana Osei Akoto
09-12 15:59
Kofi Ameko
09-12 15:51
09-12 16:18
Nana Osei Akoto
09-12 16:52