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2019-09-01 22:52:01

Why is the University of Ghana admitting more students than it has accommodation for? This problem did not just jump on the authorities, they have known for years the rising tide of students intake and in 2021 it is going to hit dizzying frenzy levels when the first batch of the free SHS students come onstream.

Government and private development should be ahead of the game in building apartments right now to make a dent in 2021, otherwise all hell would break loose.

The genesis of this problem goes back several years, even at my days 1979-1981, when we had some students couch-surfing at the halls. My room mate and I actually had to host one student unbeknownst to the authorities at Akuafo Hall Annex A.

Then came the time when Rawlings closed the universities for an aggregate of one year plus which has ever since created a backlog of recurring students accommodation problems that they have never caught up with.

Now you hear of some stupid schemes like in-out-out-in etc. whereby only first and last year students are given accommodation at KNUST and Cape Vars etc.

If universities which are supposed to be the centres of academic excellence and thinking can't find solutions to accommodation problems, how do we expect their products to find solutions to the nation's development challenges?

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