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Mr Beans
2019-05-15 18:42:18

Below, we take a look at three times she has proven to be incompetent:

1. Her handling of the Takoradi kidnapped girls case

COP Addo-Danquah has come under fire in recent weeks following her misguided statement about the three missing Takoradi girls. Last month, she disclosed that the police had discovered the whereabouts of the girls. According to her, the police were putting measures in place to rescue the girls and return them to their families.

“We know where the girls are,” she said, adding that “they are safe...very soon they will be brought back home.” However, COP Addo-Danquah made a dramatic U-turn on her statement, insisting she was misunderstood and that her statement was meant to give hope to the families of the missing girls.

2. The A-Plus leaked tape saga COP Addo-Danquah was in 2018 accused by musician A-Plus of shielding two government appointees who had been embroiled in a corruption scandal. In a secret tape later released by A-Plus, the now CID boss was heard saying that the police will “manage” the case.

"As for the corruption aspect of it, from what you said and what we’ve gone to confirm, you wouldn’t be too far from right to say that this is what happened, but we need to manage…the people are your people. We need to find the best way to ensure that Korle-Bu works the way we all want it to work,” she was heard saying in the tape. However, COP Addo-Danquah later denied the authenticity of the tape, insisting it was doctored.

3. The unfounded invitation of NDC Chairman The CID summoned the National Chairman of the opposition NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and opened fresh criminal investigations against him. In a letter, the CID said the NDC National Chairman may be connected to recent kidnapping cases as well as market fires that have hit the country.

“...some persons picked up for interrogation and investigation have mentioned your name as part of a grand scheme designed to cause fear and panic in the country,” the letter reads. The move was, however, condemned by the NDC who accused COP Addo-Danquah of doing the bidding of the ruling NPP.

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