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Tom Thumb
2019-05-14 12:35:13

Silians would recall that after the 2016 elections that left Dawu, Beans and the rest of the diabolical choir in shock and awe, Dawu went into self imposef exile and vanished from Sil for nine solid months. Afterwards he would make some flash postings, bleat da yie then make himself scare again.

Two years and a half years he is back in full swing on Sil though often barking long after the horse had bolted from the stable.

Knowing the sort of Silenmies I have here, I can't help thinking to myself that in the unlikely event that NDC wins the 2020 elections, should I do a Dawu too and vanish for a considerable period of time?

Mind you I'm not beating my chest and saying NPP cannot lose or NDC cannot win; being a realist I believe in the fifty fifty principle in politics.

Should I hide should I stay.

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