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Re: To Original Mythbuster-Who is Who?

2019-03-13 15:38:27

What are you talking about Joe!

Do you want me to educate you on the writers,periods,and audience the bible books were written for?

When you consider the time humans(homo sapiens) have lived on this planet,for over 300,000yrs;with about 220,000yrs of it in Africa, before migrating in various small groups starting last 80,oooyrs to populate other continents--middle east,asia,europe,and americas.

If you consider this history of humans evolution and migration,why are you,an african so fascinated with tribal mythology books some irrelevant tribal groups wrote recently? Barely 2000years for the Jewsish bible and 1400yrs for the christian bible.

Compare this short human history of your bibles with your long history as an african,original human.

How can such a book tell you about your over 300,000years of history?

This history even dates back farther if you consider the other human groups like homo eretus from whom homo sapiens evolved from,all in Africa.

How do you justify your infatuation with other people's myths while you belittle your own.

Don't you know your history as an African?

Stop going on youtube to listen to these BS and learn proper history better your science about we human and our universe!
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