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To Original Mythbuster-Who is Who?

2019-03-13 14:39:47

1. The Stool Worship --- Worshipper of the Ashanti golden stool

2 The Trokosi Worship ? An Ewe shrine worshipper who also fucks underage gals as part of this holy shrine worship cult. Similar to the catholic church where the priest abuse and focks the altar boys.

3. Christianity- The worship of a dead Palestinian Jew turned into god by non-jews after capital his punishment

4. Judiasm-Yahweh Worship, or worship of the Tribal god for Jews ONLY.

5. Islam- Allah Worship - The worship of the Arabian tribal god thru a dead Saudi called Mohammed.

Make your pick son,which one? Shalawam!!!

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Original Mythbuster
03-13 15:52