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When Gloria Akuffo defends Ndc Crooks

Hot and Cold
2019-03-12 23:43:43

Akufo Addo cannot win the fight against corruption in Ghana because of his Attorney General. An example is this CP judgement debt case.

Betty Mould Iddrisu is not only classmate of the AG but also a roommate during their secondary school days in Cape Coast.

Betty Mould was first person to congratulate Gloria Akufo and reminded her of their friendship at high school.

Now, old mates card is being played right before our eyes. Even ndc diehards are very much aware Betty Mould colluded with CP to loot Ghana but her friend said otherwise.

FYI, it was Betty Mould who paid for the CP debt under late Mills and not Henrrieta Brew Oppong.

Scratch your back, you scratch mine goes on unabated.
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