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Professional Beggers @KIA. Share your Experience.

Cold and Hot
2019-02-10 14:30:22

My experience: it was last December when I visited Ghana and this lady immigration officer (expectant mother) politely ask me money for baby diapers. The young guy handling the restroom at the arrival lounge also demanded “something kakra” from me to boost his morale.

is so disgraceful that Ghanaians working at Kotoka International Airport, Accra beg travellers profusely for money.

They are men and women in Immigration, Customs and airlines' uniforms.

Every passenger being processed is asked to give lunch, drop something, treat your children well before you go, you know the tradition etc.

It is very disgusting that our country Ghana is being disgraced this way as if those working at the airport are not paid salaries.

You go through other international airports and no one patronises you so.

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), put some discipline in the system by making announcements that encourage passengers to report for sanctioning, such Beggers in Uniforms at the Kotoka International Airport, which is one of the routes of contact to a foreigners.

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