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GHman, DAWU, & co, listen to law prof on NAM1

2019-01-11 17:02:30

Law lecturer, Dr. Maurice Ampaw has described the ‘defrauding by false pretence’ charge against embattled CEO of failed gold dealership firm, Nana Appiah Mensah as ‘stupid’.

Speaking to Kwaku Owusu Agyei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM Thursday, Dr. Maurice Ampaw who’s also an investor in Menzgold, stated that the charge against NAM 1, does not make sense as he never defrauded any of the customers.

“Look at this fraudulent and stupid charge levelled against Nana Appiah Mensah. Defrauding by false pretence, who has he defrauded? The person was paying us, he was in good business and paid us our extra value every month. It is when the evil in the system decided to stop the business and damage the reputation of the business to a level that it was collapsing, that is when the payments stopped and so who has defrauded who?" he enquired.

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