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Mandela really betrayed AfriKa

Kasa Barima
2019-01-01 02:34:10

…………….and they say South Africa gained independence with Nelson Mandela’s fight.

What independence? What did Mandela agreed to? All white only beach in South Africa today?

How long has it been since the much touted Mandela’s independence and there’s still apartheid in South Africa? I met a South African about 7 years after their fake independence and she told me there was still White only train station platforms in South Africa.

How dare you!!!

How dare you!!!

How dare you!!!

Mandela negotiated for a selfish fake independence. That man was just a selfish traitor and I don’t know why some AfriKans can’t see this? These same type of AfriKans who are blind to the truth and would rather hand over our destiny to whites because they perceive themselves as sub-humans would defend Mandela and insult their fellow AfriKans who fight for the dignity of the Black race.

It surprises me NOT because in today’s Ghana, we have a leader who is fighting to return Ghana to re-colonization by France whilst Francophone AfriKa is fighting to free themselves from the shackles of France.

Nfui paaa, nfui abound in the Black race.

Praises to the EFF!!!

The EFF will fight till the last drop of blood to free South AfriKa and it will be replicated over the entire continent. Mugabe’s works will spread and stolen land by whites in AfriKa will be reclaimed.

Long live the EFF!!!

Long live the EFF!!!

[This is an authentic posting from Kasa Barima (Registered User)]
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Kasa Barima
01-01 10:47