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Ghana: Babaso Haven

2019-01-01 02:29:06

In all my worldly travels, Ghana is the only country moi has caught gorno about six times. And the shocker, all were transmitted to me by efie akokor dem. My Massa girlfriend in Anvers also gave me syphilis which moi did pass on to an Australian girlfriend in Antwerp and my Debbie in St. John, New Brunswick.

Like the Ghanaman, Ghanawoman no dey time off from banging. I even banged a girl who had just had a D&C. Uneknownst to moi she discharged a whole breast milk in my mouth.

Doctors have warned moi several times against banging raw-raw, but finding my condom size is difficult. Today in Ghanaian hotels, juice will be discharged at at astronomical proportion. Whores too will be doing brisk business around Ghana. As for me, every day that passes is a bonus. At this hour most Ghanaians including their president must be drunk and asleep already.

Happy New Year on Ghanafuo. Hopefully this new year will bring happiness and hard work without begging and cheating in your miserable lives.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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