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Angry White Men & The Outrage Industry

JW Kwadaso
2018-11-09 11:10:51

I hardly stand near edge of subway platforms with a White guy behind me or even walk in front of a parked car with a Massa at the wheel. Whites, the majority of them are born to hate. They have never embraced wonna the way you Africans have supported them both financially and emotionally in your countries.

"Sociologist Michael Kimmel‘s new book, Angry White Men, dissects the rage many of these men experience and connects it with the anger experienced by a diverse collection of middle and lower-middle-class white boys and men. When angry white men act out, when they’re violent, when they kill, we’re often told that it’s a result of gun access, mental illness, or other factors that help us think about them individually (as though something was wrong with certain individuals) rather than socially (as though something was wrong with our culture).

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