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2018-11-09 09:26:47

Africa governments have enough human rights violations to reckon with without compounding it with the admission of the world's most notorious human rights abuser as a member of their club.

But perhaps the most compelling argument for dismissing the state of Israel's maneuvers to join the AU out of hand is its egregious record on the unforgivable sins of apartheid. Apart from giving apartheid South Africa diplomatic succor, Israel provided it with vital technology to develop its nuclear program to forestall a safeguard against the dismantling of apartheid.

Far worse than this was its complicity in Pik Botha et al's repression of South Africa's black and white human rights activists. Israel provided South Africa's notorious police with immense technology, intelligence and cooperation. It also provided its army with arms and intelligence in its destabilization agenda against the neighboring countries.

It's no coincidence that the state of Israel's repression of Palestinians and destabilization of its neighbors bear more than a passing resemblance to apartheid South Africa's state policy that lasted for decades until the ignoble system came to an end. Matter of fact, whilst on a fact-finding mission in Israel the estimable Archbishop Tutu was moved to remark that if Israel was a holy land, then indeed it was a holy apartheid.

The choice is Africa's to admit Israel to its ineffectual organisation. However, they must know that it's an insult to the memory of the thousands who perished in South Africa and abroad as a direct result of Israel's collaboration with the latter's repression and its insurgency-driven policy.


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