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Most Vicious Prisons in Africa

JW Sassandra
2018-11-09 02:35:49


African authorities hardly allow Human Right Organizations around the world to review conditions in their prisons, so these groups do stage a mock arrest and incarceration using actors/paid hustlers to undertake that risk for money.

It was in Taadi that moi first paid a visit to the Sekondi Prisons to deliver provisions and money to a younger brother of a rich man wrongly imprisoned for the sins of his brother. The rich man's lawyer promised the kiddie brother wealth upon his release if he takes the blame to exonerate his brother. I was shocked at the easy nature of the prisoners in Ghana, unlike the Francophone countries, which moi was later to found out.

Ex-convicts from Francophone countries hardly become normal if they spend more than a year in prison. Of all the wicked prisons in Africa, the one in Lome is tops. Togo is a small country with wicked citizens who hate Ghana. This prison packs its convicts like the slave ship; head over brokos. It takes almost four hours to carefully arrange the five hundred prisonners meant for only fifty. With no bunk beds like Ghana, these people have to sleep on bare floors. Again brokos over head in that order. I visited prisons in Abidjan, Sassandra, Dakar and Nouadhibou and Benin to financially support sailor paddies caught in a crossfire.

Unlike the English system of justice which put the onus on prosecutors to prove suspects wrong or set them free, the French system puts the wahala on suspects to prove themselves innocent or remain incarcerated. One day in 1975 when moi was caught sleeping rough inside an abandoned car near our Abokyi Bar in Downtown Treichville, my virgin girlfriend had to give herself to the police chief to release moi. The police chief had threatened moi with Yopugon, the most vicious prison in Abidjan if my girlfriend doesn't do something.

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