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Addo is a MASSIVE Disappointment!

Paul the Great
2018-11-06 12:26:36

I cannot believe this Maritime boss remains head of that institution. If Addo were competent and had the nation at heart, he would ask this cicatrix faced thief to step aside while an investigation goes on.

Unfortunately there’s nothing Nana Clearing Agent loves more than clearing his nominees so it hasn’t happened.

In the west people leave politics to make money in the private sector, in the shiitttthole that is Africa and Ghana, people go into politics to make money. Everything is azz backwards and no surprise the entire continent is a cesspit!



USA forever!!!


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Addo is a MASSIVE Disappointment!
Paul the Great on 11-06 12:26
First Lady Elect. on 11-06 15:42
Oheneba on 11-06 13:01
Tom Thumb on 11-06 17:16
C/C on 11-06 17:38