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2018-10-12 05:17:15

...I know them.

I was quite hurt when Shannel got herself pregnant at a young age though and what a name to give a son—— Rat-rat. Then again, that's rural Jamaica for you. Just like in Ghanaian villages, no TV, no iPad or Android in some places, so what a young person for do, hein?

Difference though, is how rich, green, raw, calm and tranquil the Jamaican countryside can be, compared to most village environs of today's Ghana, thanks to greed and galamsey:

Despite the numerous old buildings, huts and shacks in Jamaica, the country is cleaner, I find. But then again, the don't have the Sahara desert close-by with the 12 O'clock heat to dry out their streets and rooftops into brown, staining dust. Besides, unlike Ghana, there's nice sea breeze everywhere inaddi Caribbean islands an me like it, mon. Air quality there is brilliant!

Love the ground foods too—yellow yam, coco, dasheen etc; veggies; coconut; and plenty varieties of fruits and the naturally bountiful food stuff in JA and the other Caribbean islands.

So, find and enjoy the other quite amateurish but great footages and take a break next time and head for the Caribbeans. You'll love it!

Here’s a cool one… Shannel and Mathew go fishing… How me haffi caption it? ’JANGA FI ME GANJA’:
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