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"†wo'sday" SILpecial (special) ...

2018-09-25 18:58:15

::: solici†ude ƒrom soli†ude:

円i†ude is ƒrom åp†i†ude, nø† ƒrom lå†i†ude-n-longi†ude:


charac†er is molded †hru liƒe-long (s)eXperience, no† ƒrom origin, where ßorn or loca†ed.


Vicissi†udes in liƒe:
( * a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.*)

is ƒrom †he inevi†aßili†y oƒ da Ear†h NOT s†anding SIL†ill(s†ill), revolving/ro†a†ing and ushering
†he duali†y oƒ "day-n-ni†e".


That all knowledge was but remembrance ƒrom a "Divine Source(DS> Deus Supremo > Summi Dei)"

Certain it is, that "matter" is in a perpetual flux, and never at a stay.

Any kind of emotional over-indulgence can dis†or† our percep†ion!

Our "world" involves more than what happens “under the sun” where we are loca†ed.

It is the "calculated part" of the "universality" of E X I S T E N C E :

dumß Ear†h has "liƒe"

creeks, rivers, oceans have "liƒe"

Saƒari †eems wi†h "liƒe"

Sahara is has aßundan† "liƒe"

Amazon rain-ƒores†s have weird "liƒe"

da Cosmos have †heir own "liƒe"

“‘For I know †he plans I have ƒor you,

@ da righ† †ime,

"plans †o prosper you

and no† †o harm you,

plans †o give you hope

and a ƒuƒure

oƒ wor†hy glory!’”


(ßßLß)©® ; TWßD ; OVƒ©® > Omni Vinci† ƒides > ƒai†h overcomes aLL!

[This is an authentic posting from Sakyimo (Registered User)]
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