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!!!!!!!!!! Sad Case of the Negro Race !!!!!!!!!!!!

2018-09-25 13:30:27

Negroes bear and harbour grudges. This has become a canker and reason why Negroes have trouble coming together. Some here say it is a human trait, but moi is often jealous at the friendship Whites make, both at the workplace and elsewhere. Black friendship is of the convenience type, seeking those they can screw. Black friendship is family oriented. They bond better with cousins, brothers and simply tribesmen. And wonna dey wonder why Ghanaians have fanfare when one of wonna dies?

Barbara, a former manager of our apartment in South Granville had a joint account with my Italian beauty. Since Barbara, a White Canadian doesn't have any living family member, her will is for my girlfriend to bury her when she dies. And to make it easier, she set up this joint account to make it easier for my girlfriend to use the funds to bury her fittingly. Is that possible amongst Ghanaians?

East Indians and Pakistanis are sworn enemies politically. None of their planes fly directly to each other's country. But they are friends outside their countries. Over here they help each other professionally and financially. Two of such friends pooled their resources together to buy a house, build their equity and later sell to purchase individual homes. My first few years in Canada was a living hell sharing accommodation with Africans, from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Kenya.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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