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Is Fatness Still Hip in Ghana?

2018-09-25 03:24:31

Debawu is a ketsew-wapemu type of man who is build to the ground with a protruding ass. There has never been a dangerous Centre Back in the history of football in Ghana than Hasaacas and Port own's Debawu. Call his moniker and he will respond with a snarl thus "I swear God." He has sent many a strikers to early retirement at the Police Park during Departmental League matches. Compared to Ghanaians of today, Debawu was all muscle.

Fatness has crept into the Ghanaian psyche. Once upon a time, slim boys and girls are considered HIV infected, poor or emaciated. Ghanaian men, except for the been-tos, honourables and well-heeled were emaciated to the core. Women on the other hand were growing fatter by the day. "Eh, Eno, wa y3 kese dea" Come see losing their belt to crush fufuo with aponkye nkrakra or emutuo with beef with peanut butter soup and wele. The foolish Ghanaman will eat small and leave all the food and meat to their girlfriends who usually visit with a friend to suck you dry. The Ghanaman is pathetic.

Moi was a size 32 at age 30. Today moi is a fit size 40 with a slight potbelly which moi can jog away soon. My doctors consider moi very healthy not only in my age group but those twenty years younger than moi. I prefer baggy pants due to my massive thingy. Binding pants are not my thing, so dunno how Massa can wear those skintight pants.

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