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Bill Gates Panacea for poverty reduction in Africa

Nana Ama Kowhini
2018-09-25 01:32:32

Bill Gates, the second richest man n the world with an estimated wealth of $90 billion has told Time Magazine about a coming "Third Wave of Development in Africa."

In a recent interview with TIME, the philanthropist billionaire talked about two waves of poverty reduction which has happened recently, first in China and second in India. According to Mr. Gates, the third wave is about to take off in sub Saharan Africa. I couldn't agree more with Mr. gates, Ethiopia and Rwanda have shown the way and Ghana, under president Akuffo Addo, is next in line to follow.

Concerning the strategies behind poverty reduction in sub Saharan Africa, "The key is investment in health and education." Well, president Nana Akuffo Addo has already shown the way with the implementation his free SHS policy which seeks to concentrate on educating the Ghanaian masses. All NDC troglodytes want to do is to keep our children uneducated and unable to think for themselves so they can brainwash them everyday.

As for health, Nana has revived the National Health Insurance Scheme which the NDC collapsed during their eight years in office from 2008 to 2016. President Akuffo Addo has given NHIS a clean bill of health by paying a substantial part of the huge arrears owed to providers bequeathed by the National Destroyers Party (NDC).

In 2020, Ghanians would renew President Akuffo Addo's mandate so that he can continue with the good work that he has already started. The NDC should stay in opposition for at least a two decades if we want to see any meaningful progress in Ghana and be a proud member of the "Third Wave" Bill Gates is talking about.

President Akuffo Addo

[This is an authentic posting from Nana Ama Kowhini (Registered User)]
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