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The Wonky World of Ghanaians

2018-09-14 12:24:33

Watching a documentary about Vietnamese and Saigon last night, moi realized how Ghanaians have been taken as suckers by the family they had worked so hard to support financially. Maybe wonna selfishness too is to blame. Of all the Ghanaians I know abroad, only one has built a mansion for his extended family in Kumasi. Kinda like hiring a starving cat to become the watchman of your fried fish in Ghana, you borgas are sending thousands of dollars to poor and hungry family to build your mansions for you. Unlike Ghanaians, Filipinos, Cubans and Vietnamese, who have tasted real poverty and hardship know how important the remittances received from loved ones abroad should be put in good us. Time to clean house fellas, both sides of the Atlantic la.

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