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RE: Serena’s sexism argument is not backed by fac

2018-09-12 18:51:29

Hmmm. I love Serena to death but I was embarrassed when she brought up her daughter and suggested that her daughter would be ashamed of her being accused of cheating. I will be honest with you; Serena is suffering from depression. I have pointed this out several times before. She has been prone to very emotional outbursts and has been very candid about the depression she has suffered since giving birth to her daughter.

They only problem I have with the umpire is he could have easily deescalated the situation by humoring Serena and calming her down. I think the issue here is the macho confrontation he chose as opposed to just letting it calm down. I love Serena but I am also Osaka's biggest fan. I have been pushing her here forever and that ugliness stole her moment in the sun.

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RE: Serena’s sexism argument is not backed by fac
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