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RE: RE: Stop Being a Mental Dimwit.

Lucky Luciano
2018-09-12 16:31:03

"Didn't IMF say that they were unable to tell whether it was a loan or not, at least that's what they responded to the NDC so why do I need to accept IMANI as gospel fact?"


To begin with, the IMF only stated they have not studied the agreement in its entirety to enable them give a definitive answer as to whether it is a loan agreement or not. Their "provisional" response to the NDCis on account of the fact that what was laid before Parliament is just the MPSA.

Secondly, if you yourself has stated above that the IMF did not give a YES or NO, why would you want to use that as reason to argue it is not a loan.

Thirdly, what IMANI is using is from the agreement, portions of which they reproduced in their analysis. Any dimwit (sorry I have to use this term again) will be left in now doubt the final agreement constitutes a loan agreement. Read this again;

"What is also true from an assessment of the “term sheet” is that the Government of Ghana and Sinohydro DO INTEND TO ENTER INTO A LOAN AGREEMENT. To the extent that Sinohydro hasn’t yet committed to the actual financing in the MPSA, the agreement before parliament cannot be construed as a LOAN agreement. However, Ghana must enter a loan agreement to keep this deal alive."

I don't need IMF to interpret it for me before I conclude a loan agreement is staring Ghana in the face.

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