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Comment: Stop Being a Mental Dimwit.

Lucky Luciano
2018-09-12 16:11:29

Do you understand what this section of the MPSA laid before Parliament means:


"The MPSA is clear that Sinohydro and the Government of Ghana will enter into a facility agreement which shall fully outline the “debtor” obligations of Ghana. One of the terms that Ghana has already agreed to in advance of the “definitive agreement” is the willingness to pay the full amount of money billed to it by Sinohydro regardless of whether it manages to obtain enough finance from selling refined bauxite or not.

In fact, the whole bauxite element of this arrangement is thus incidental. Sinohydro expects to be paid, in hard currency, whether or not Ghana mines any bauxite, and whether or not it refines any portion of what it mines."


What can't you understand here????
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Lucky Luciano on 09-12 16:11
Stop Being a Mental Dimwit.
Lucky Luciano on 09-12 18:08
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