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Tropical Storm Isaac is headed my way...

2018-09-12 13:45:05

Tropical Storm Isaac is headed my way. The outer bands have started to impact Barbados ahead of the main event expected tomorrow. Read the latest update below.

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Tropical Storm Isaac 2018 update: Isaac continues to weaken

Tropical Storm Isaac continued to weaken on Wednesday and could fall apart this weekend after moving into the Caribbean. (National Hurricane Center)

Tropical Storm Isaac appeared "poorly organized" and continued to weaken on Wednesday morning as it moved closer to the Caribbean.


The initial effects will come from an outer band associated with Isaac which will bring some scattered showers and possible isolated thunderstorms, according to Acting Director of the Barbados Meteorological Services Sonia Nurse.

Nurse said that on its current projected track, the centre of the cyclone should pass between 100 miles and 150 miles north of Barbados early Thursday morning and is likely to dump upwards of four inches of rain on the island.

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