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Avoidance of Question

2018-09-12 12:05:07

Wonna lack of contribution to this topic means you were beaten mercilessly at home or school growing up. There was a cyto form four teacher at my SDA Middle Mixed in Koforidua who used to lay students not on friendly terms with her girlfriend. Opare, took the blunt of the teacher's angst. The teacher used to select four big guys to spread him out horizontally for caning. I used to weep for Opare, so moi made the girlfriend of the teacher, the twice flunky daughter of an Anglican Priest to fail again during our final exams in 1970. She sat behind moi with seating styles designed to allow students behind to copy answers. I fed her wrong answers and erased them for the correct ones. I never set foot to receive my cyto certificate due to how the teacher mean moi.

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Tom Thumb
09-12 16:59
Avoidance of Question
09-12 12:05