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2018-09-12 11:43:11

Our people say that one does not go to a funeral and cry louder than the bereaved.
But our brothers in NPP have made it a policy to wail more than the bereaved.
Osama Bin Laden (son of unbeliever) was a mechanical engineer who was recruited by the CIA to train terrorists in Tara Bora in Pakistan.
The aim of the CIA and NATO in training Osama Bin Laden was to prevent the Soviet Union from eradicating opium in Afghanistan and also to prevent access to education by the majority of the citizens of Afghanistan, especially women to education.
It is on record that the Soviet Union granted a lot of scholarships to the citizens of Afghanistan in 1979 and the youngest among them was a boy of 14 years who was reading engineering with his father as a course mate.
The whole world was told that the Soviet Union and the Afghan President Babrak Karmal abolished Islam in Afghanistan.
Just like the Arab spring that was fueled by fictitious news of raping and murder of both Arab and Iranian women in 2011 the fiction of Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was swallowed by many countries around the world hook, line and sinker.
Even Nigeria under Segu Shagari send people to Pakistan to be trained to fight the myth of soviet occupation in Afghanistan.
Somalia which under Said Bari cut off diplomatic relations as well as cultural and educational in 1978 was not left our, so was Kenya and some Arab countries in Africa.
In 1979 the west quickly rushed to arm Pakistan with nuclear weapons to deter Afghanistan and soviet counter attack on his territory for serving as the base on which Afghan terrorists were trained and armed.
In the same year India was also force to acquire nuclear weapons.
It is on record that the training of terrorists to attack a government that was invited by another U.N. member country to assist her security services quell terrorism is against the Conventions of the United Nations. The Soviet Union was invited by the legitimate government of Afghanistan to help her quell terrorism and was not like the military aggression by the United States of America and her NATO allies in 2001.
It is on record that U.S. and her allies were enjoying the killing fields into which Afghanistan was turned into so long as their drug lords get their opium from the poppy fields in Afghanistan.
When the Afghan terrorists kill, maimed and tamed a lot of people they then turned their attention of Afghanistan historical monuments, with the Arab east and Christian west applauding them on.
Some of us on the "lunatic fringe" of the world community warned that the west has created a Damocles into its hands it welded a strong sword.
I am not sure if our own Kofi Annan warned the world about the Damocles call ISIS which has raised its sword welded and given to it by the west and its repercussions. He was an international civil servant who was performing the duties given to him by the U.N.
It is on record that his son got rich on oil for food programme in Iraq when he was the UN General Secretary.
I am not aware if the children of Kofi Ameko got rich because he was coordinating the liberation struggle on the continent of Africa.
We shall judge people by the role they played liberating mankind from imperialism and not being an agent of imperialism.
It is on record that the people of Africa today forgot about the cost the Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Cuba paid in our struggle for liberation from imperialism and all forms of racial oppression.
I am not sure that we will celebrate Kojo Tsikata the manner in which we are celebrating Kofi Annan today when his dust corrupted.
The duty of liberation is a duty that a person takes upon himself, but the job of an international civil servant is what you applied for and you have rules to obey even if they don't further the cause of liberation of mankind.
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