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September 11: The historical significance

2018-09-12 03:02:11

The top 4 Reasons September 11th is Significant to Islam. - Steve Skojec

In today’s feature, Andrew Bieszad teaches us about the importance of the Battle of Vienna — which took place on September 11-12, 1683 — as a day of remembrance and even revenge for Muslims with a long view of history.

But September 11th has been significant at least three other times in the conflict between Islam and the Christian West. Here are the top three dates and events to know:

The Great Siege of Malta (September 11th, 1565)
1565 was a clash of unimaginable brutality, one of the bloodiest – yet most overlooked – battles ever fought. It was also an event that determined the course of history, for at stake was the very survival of Christianity.

The battle at last came to a close on September 11th, 1565, as a small army from Sicily joined the Maltese knights and routed the remaining Turks, who had already suffered great casualties after a series of strategic errors:

The Muslim Expulsion from Spain (Announced September 11th, 1609)
After the nearly 800-year Muslim conquest and occupation of Spain, the Spaniards were at long last victorious in taking their country back in 1492

The Battle of Zenta (September 11th, 1697)

In what is considered to be one of the most decisive victories against the Turks, the combined forces of the Holy League of 1684 (commissioned by Blessed Pope Innocent XI) overtook and surprised Sultan Mustafa II and the Ottoman army at the crossing of the Zenta river in what is now Senta, Yugoslavia. The Grand Vizier was killed, the Ottoman artillery was lost, and an estimated 30,000 Turkish soldiers were killed or drowned. Prince Eugene of Savoy, who led the Holy League, lost only 300 men.

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