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Beans right this time

2018-09-11 21:41:30

Author: C/C (
Date: 09-11-2018 20:23

Most of us are victims of what she decries and can relate to that. What she fails to STATE IS THAT THE PNDC,AND NDC Rawligns, Mills up to MAHAMA were the ones who stifled the ambitions,education and other aspirations of some Ghanaians,Does she recall when there was a reserved University admission quota for only ndc wards? or when Mills foolishly and discriminately sent 60 NDC WARDS to Cuba for medical school( all expense paid by GhANA? Does she recall the situation at the scholarship secretariat when only Ewes( even those from Togoland ) were exclusive recipients of Scholarships to study abroad??

Beans both of you must fuck off
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Yaw Aboagye
09-12 13:04
Beans right this time
09-11 21:41