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Paris-Asante Borgas and Pinpinis

2018-09-11 15:24:39

Can anyone discredit moi for saying that the pinpinis culture started in Paris by Asante borgas, especially the JJC's? These Asantes like to splash their money like the Money Man aka Floyd Pretty Boy Mayweather. Whores in Paris, likewise Abidjan, have always controlled the Ghanaian economy. Men, especially pimps are mere chattels of these whores. They wash their dross, fetch water for them to bath and care for their young ones. Yes, whores too can have pikins, w'ae.

From 1980-1984 moi used to enter Paris like Napoleon, except for the pomp and pageantry reserved for national heroes, moi was cordially received by all and sundry in 18-eme-Arrondisement, popularly known as the 18, where the Makola Market is situated. Footballers from Africa plying their trade in France or born in France must be seen and eat their home-cooking in the 18. Africans born in France are tougher athletically than their counterparts in Britain, Belgium or Holland.

In today's Paris, the African heroes who single-handedly saved Whites all lived in the 18-Arrondisement. My late brother Commodore was shocked to read how exploits of moi gave hope to most of their nouveau-rich. Weekend in Paris from Antwerp, Marseilles or Holland and Germany was always a must. Paris was Paris until Asante whores from Abidjan started coming over with their pimps. Greed paa nie!

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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