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Date: 2001-09-12 06:51:00

Nothing I write below should be interpreted as a justification or an excuse for the attack on the US Trade Centre. But to start with, let us throw out the idea that the attack was an attack on freedom and democracy. With due respect to the dead, the dying and their loved ones, this is an attack resulting from years of the USA's superpower arrogance, and the vicious form of state terrorism which the USA has made its own. The US never allowed smaller countries the freedom to democratically choose their own forms of government or their own socio-economic systems. For decades, the USA, by its frequent interventions in the affairs of other countries in order to promote its own selfish interests, has build up a tremendous amount of ill-will against itself. Believing that it was impregnable, it refused to listen to its own conscience which admonished against the attrocities it committed abroad.

There is a long history of US aggression against, and repression of, the peoples of South America. Remember Chile and Nicaragua? Remember Granada? Koreans and Vietnamese were not allowed to decide for themselves whether they should go communist or capitalist. Following the dominoe theory according to which the fall of one country in a region to communism would lead to the fall of others, the USA attacked one country after another to prevent the spread of communism. There is no authority in international law for this sort of dictatorship.

Kuwait was illegally carved out of Mesopotamia (now Iraq) by the British who did not seek the consent of the Mesopotamians in the middle of the eighteenth century. Then US oil companies started using Kuwait as the staging point from which to deplete Iraq's oil reserves. The latter had the right to claim the land of Kuwait and to preserve its natural resources from being stolen by US companies. But these are not matters the US would understand as its own interests were more important to it than any considerations of justice. We cannot forget the thorough bashing Iraq took for claiming its own. Today the people are dying as a result of sanctions imposed by the USA and the UK, who have snatched control of UN policy-making in these matters.

Kosovo was the original and spiritual home of the Serbians. The Albanians were poor immigrants there. Becoming the majority, they claimed the territory as theirs and put into effect a policy of ethnic cleansing. I clearly remember the day over sixty couches arrived in Belgrade, bringing Serbians crying and complaining that they had been expelled from Kosovo by the Albanians. Milosovitch (correct spelling?) met them, and with tears in his eyes, promised to protect them against abuse and deprivation by the Albanians. What followed is well documented. Calling a dog a bad name and hanging it, is US practice. Milosovitch was called a communist, condemned and his country subjected to superpower brutality. Where the Americans lead, the others in NATO are afraid not to follow.

Britain took millions of pounds from Jews during World War I, and by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, promised to give Palestine to the Jews as their home. The Arabs were driven from their homes and lands, and now live in refugee camps. In every single negotiation, the USA sided with Israel to deny the Arabs the right to go back to their homes. But they expect the Arabs to be stupid enough to accept their expulsion from from homes, forgive Israel, and live in peace with their tormentors. Papering over deep cleavages like the one in the Middle East will not result in peace. American support for Israel is immoral and is creating desperation amongst Palestinians. Their youngmen are ready and willing to die in the fight against those responsible for their sufferings. Here again, American interests come in the way of justice.

I believe that the USA must have clearly expected what it got yesterday, the 11th of September 2001. And if this blow would make the Americans think in terms of justice and not exclusively in terms of selfish national interests, the world will become a better place. Some seventy percent of the world's troubles arise from the selfish policies of British imperialism, which raised the interests of Britain above all considerations of justice and fairness. The USA is now enforcing those very policy objectives and adding its own. The world will be a worse place if the USA and its allies, especially the U.K., do not take a lesson in justice from yesterday's attack.

It is unfortunate that when anger boils over, it is innocent people who get burnt Whenever two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. My heart goes to the dead, the suffering and their loved ones. What happened to them is not necessary but contingent on the flawed decisions and policies of their political leaders.

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