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2018-09-11 16:05:24

Comment: What's "Crimes against humanity"?

Author: K Akosah Brempong

Date: 2001-09-16 06:07:01

Dear Osabarima,

You made a very strong point in your original posting. In fact, several of us 'immigrants' are also affected either directly or indirectly by the barbarous act committed by these suspected suicide bombers.

But we need to argue out of reason and upon fact and not just emotion and tantrum, if indeed, we want the world to be purged of further and similar atrocities.

It would be nice if you could explain what "crimes against humanity" means in your understanding, then you could put what these thugs did in the right perspective for the rest of us to see and discuss constructively.

What's "crimes against humanity" and which nations use religion to commit such crimes?

David Koresh was noticed and stopped in time, he was a religious fanatic too and he destroyed the lives of several human beings except for plunging a passenger aircraft into the NY twin tower, above all, he was an American.

Note that I'm not talking politics here.

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