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2018-09-11 15:58:27

Comment: RE: An All-American Affair?

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Date: 2001-09-15 13:19:33

In the case of the Taliban, the US trained both camps ... the one currently in power AND the resistance faction that is fighting them.

The USA saw the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians as an attempt to enlarge the Communist Empire. Whether the US was justified in this covert activity of training Afghan freedom fighters and supplying them with Stinger missles and other weapons is not my point.

The fact is: the US tried to help the Afghans maintain their sovereignty. When the war with the USSR was over, all the freedom fighter factions could not form a successful coalition. The result has been a civil war that has been going on for a number of years.

Now when America wants bin Laden to be handed over, suddenly the USA is an enemy. Isn't this a really nice way of showing your appreciation? ... by biting the hand that fed you?

The same thing happened in Iraq. The US helped Sadam BECAUSE Iran was the Enemy of the USA as a result of the Embassy hostage takings. Iraq (Sadam) never dreamed for a second that the US would object to the invasion of Kuwait. After all, what's the takeover of a "little" country right next door got to do with stirring up resentments by the US?

Sadam underestimated the US and suddenly became an enemy instead of a friend. Another example of biting the hand that feeds you.

Whether the USA was right or wrong in intervening in Iraq and Afghanistan is a question I cannot answer. But it is clear that certain individuals and certain fanatics (and their sympathizers) think they can do what they want.

We are witnessing some rather bizarre ways of showing appreciation to the US, after all the US has done for these countries.

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