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Comment: JJ "stranded" in Canada?

Author: taa-daw mojo

Date: 2001-09-13 20:24:45

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it has directed Ghana's embassy in Canada to ensure that the necessary assistance is given former President Jerry Rawlings whose flight was among a number of US-bound flights forced to land in Canada.

The former President was visiting the US at the invitation of the Boston University to present a paper on democracy and the African Growth and Opportunities Act.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) put a hold on all flights into the United States and diverted them to Canada on Tuesday following the air attacks on America.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says the former President who was on his way to the United States was therefore affected by the temporal grounding of flights by the FAA.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Hackman Owusu Agyeman told JOY FM that Ghana's mission is taking care of the former president's hotel accommodation while he waits in Halifax for continuation of his journey to the United States.

According to him, he called Ghana's mission on Thursday and was informed that the ex-President was doing well. Mr Owusu Agyeman also noted that assistance is being given to other Ghanaians who were forced to detour as a result of the attacks.

source: JOYOnline


Comment: RE: JJ "stranded" in Canada?

Author: Naa Darkoa (a.k.a. Naa)

Date: 2001-09-13 21:59:14

Jones, British Airways is very edgy right now. Their London - San Francisco flight were diverted here in Edmonton, this morning, they were going to fly all the passengers back to Britain, most passengers are taking trains and hiring cars to drive across the border.

Who wants to fly across the Atlantic at a time like this? I'll rather walk all the way to San Francisco :-).

JJ needs the exercise, he should walk across the Halifax border to Boston, that meaty stuff in his mid section might reduce :-).

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