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2018-09-11 15:43:51

Your ex-pal "PapaKwame aka * ":


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Date: 2001-09-13 01:07:10

Go easy Awat. Many have begun to change their tunes. I think we are all running high in the emotions and adrenaline departments these past two days. Outrage is the only word I know that sums it all up.

Outrage at those who did this terrible thing, and outrage at those who defend them, and outrage especially at Ghanaians or any others that are demeaning the USA while living there at the same time.

One thing has always bothered me about the Passport to Paradise thing.

Supposedly every martyr gets 115 virgins (or some outlandish number like that). I always wonder just where do all these virgins come from?

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