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RE: It is not God Museveni is Insulting

Nii Ako
2018-09-11 14:43:17

civilize society has laws against nuisance which is premised on the neighbour principle.Neighbor principle is a principle of English law which says that a person should take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions that s/he can reasonably foresee as likely to cause injury to the neighbor and that include disturbance.

Nuisance is a common law tort, or civil wrong, that developed through case law and statute law. Any private individual whose right of enjoyment over her/his land is hindered by the actions (or inaction) of neighbors can bring a claim in nuisance against the occupiers of the property.

Noise nuisance is a serious disturbance that constitutes interference to the ordinary enjoyment of property. It highlights the legal remedies that you might expect to be available in a noise nuisance claim.Take note you people who have turn the church in discos.
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RE: It is not God Museveni is Insulting
Nii Ako
09-11 14:43