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Why Don't Akans Love their Half-Siblings?

2018-09-11 03:45:52

Much as I love my father and mother, there is no way moi will consider the child of my father with another man as unworthy of my love as a sibling. But that's why Akan people roll. I have seen Asantes, Juabens and Fantes declare that only kids from their mama's womb are considered brothers/sisters. Maybe, moi was not brought up in a matrilineal family structure, hence the confusion. Dunno if mothers are the ones who poisoned their children to hate kids of the other woman, but fathers have always tried to bring their families together.

When focking Joseph Wayne, the Igbo professor who married my sister Florence wanted to flee to Nigeria, he trained my nephew to stone me anytime moi leaves after visitation. I have never liked that focking Igbo boy in my life. May Tigari's emusu render him and his father hopeless if they haven't already. After all those who hurt me do pay a hefty price thanks to Mighty Tigari.

I came from a loving family with evil brother-in-laws. My beautiful sisters and now my evil GMD married devils for husbands. Only in the Catholic religion and Ghana do you meet evil pastors and priests. Unlike my GMD and GMF, mom has but only asked moi for just a wrist watch. Comparing my original family with my Ghana Made Ones is like night and day. There is a an Asante proverb which goes like this: Nea omu adea de wonfa nko, na nea aka dea ye bo bo ne ho ban. Loosely translated in President Bush's language as "Do me once shame on you, but do me twice shame on me."

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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