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Attention-Seeking Joromi Twerp

Nana Osei Akoto
2018-09-11 03:02:43

Fool, you reside in a coop, Donald Trump lives in a Mansion. You got no money, Trump is loaded. You no fine, Donald Trump looks decent. Trump can afford to visit anywhere is likes, you are stuck in a tiny Island. Trump dresses decently, you are an eyesore in Joromi and faded genes. Trump may have toupee on this head to cover up hair loss, you got kakawere on the side of your head.

It is only a moron like you who thinks your chanting for Trump may earn you some level of recognition.

Useless goat ... Baaaaah !
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Attention-Seeking Joromi Twerp
Nana Osei Akoto on 09-11 03:02