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2018-09-10 22:21:47

Indeed, Ghanaians are Lords of Small Things. So the Minister of Finance is only interested in the petty sum lost because of oil pricing but is not interested in the over $100m taxes which the GNPC hasn't paid cos the GRA is not even aware that GNPC, by law, must also pay taxes, unpaid taxes they have been "spending like confetti", in the words of MP Takir Hammond. Check:

Yes, he hasn't as yet heard about the $900m or so taxes and royalties not paid by the FOCs. Or the Council of State or the GRA haven't informed him yet about the Whistleblower Petition?

Oh! He hasn't as yet heard about the $8bn lost so far because the NPP under Kufuor illegally signed a Royalty System Agreement with the FOCs over the Jubilee Field, instead of follow the existing Production Sharing system stipulated by PNDCL 84. Oh! The former allows them to also get 5% share in the Exxon Agreement! Please, can we know the lucky persons who are the "local investors" getting the 5% share?

As for Dr Manteaw, after keeping silent during all the NDC years for the rot to be instituted, because PIAC also received some small money from the Oil Mafia which set it up, he is trying to salvage his image by making noises which are nothing but MDGs (Most Distracting Gimmicks). Is he not aware of why Ghana is not making enough from the Jubilee Fields and won't ever make more than $20bn over its lifespan, according to World Bank and IMF estimates?

I am sorry, not all of us are ignorant fools who think small and can be deceived.

Since Ghanaweb has refused to publish the facts about the losses Ghana is really making, dear reader, go to to read it.


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