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Tony Blair moderating African Agric. forum

2018-09-12 09:47:30

Kasa, this stupidity is pervasive and has permeated every African institution.... Obroni worship is the order of the day.

Recently, there was an African forum and could you believe it? the war criminal Tony Blair was the moderator.

And Akopy, the glorified Johnson and obroni bootlicker extraordinaire repeated the stupid mantra of the brainwashed neocolonialists....that Africans should stop blaming the colonialists for their woes.

Forget about anyone who talks like means the person is clueless and lost.

No wonder he is selling the sovereignty of Ghana to the US Army.

Sad that we have the likes of Asantehene and Akopy as role models.

Bad...bad for Ghana.



Stop blaming woes on colonialism – Akufo-Addo to Africa

***Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair moderated the discussions.

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Kasa Barima
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Kasa Barima
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Tony Blair moderating African Agric. forum
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